We’re closing in on retirement, which necessitated clearing out nearly 1000 square feet of office space. We’re talking about office space we’ve occupied for nearly 40 years. During a span of four decades, one can accumulate a lot of stuff. The process of clearing out turned into a trip down Memory Lane. Actually, it turned into several Memory Lanes. One of the most memorable was the lane that represented our technology timeline. Here are pictures of some of our first business computers: the venerable Kaypro CP/M portables. Yes, we still have them and look forward to firing a couple of them up when we have the time. Imagine! These were pre-DOS. No hard drives. Well, the Kaypro 10 has a hard drive, all of 10 MB, hence, Kaypro “10”. The others worked from two 5.25″ floppies. One we booted up from, the other we saved our work on. I’m going to have to come back to this later and write more about it. I’m being flooded with too many fond memories.

Kaypro Portable Computers

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