End of Democracy

(This is a guest article submitted by an unlikely patriot who goes by the handle of “Bandolero“)

The migrant influx, tantamount to an invasion, boggles the mind. Watching the latest videos at the Texas border, one sees virtually all healthy young men, not families, by the thousands. There’s a plan in this. Is it a Democrat plan, or have they, as well as too many Republicans, been persuaded (whether in money or promises) to look away?

We don’t think the Democrats, on their own, could formulate such a plan and fuel the strategy necessary to complete it. Such a strategy would require global coordination as well as lots of money. But what’s the end game, the objective of the plan? Could it just be to inflate the numbers of Democratic voters beyond anything the Republicans could muster in opposition? That could be why the Democrats are complacent, if not complicit, about it, but would that be enough to satisfy whoever is coordinating and implementing the logistics of packing millions of undocumented aliens into the country? Whoever they are, we doubt they would trust the Democrats to concede the end game.

We’ve observed that, concurrent with the migrant invasion, there is a calculated demonification of those who most vocally decry the border travesty and who would be the most potent forces to actively oppose whatever the plan is. I refer to WASPs and others who are aligned with the MAGA vision. They hold the Constitution inviolable, including, in particular (but not exclusively) the 2nd Amendment. They must, therefore, be disarmed. But that’s not enough. They must also be silenced. Consequently, they are ridiculed by the media, de-platformed, and even destroyed, all to the glee of liberals who think they see a social nirvana comin’ down the pike because they think they have a vision born of enlightenment. Their vision is, however, born of tunnel vision caused by blinders crafted by those behind the plan to ensure that only “approved” facts reach the cognitive center of the brain as it struggles to find meaning. What’s comin’ down the pike is not nirvana but, rather, socialism followed by fascism and the total dependency of the masses upon the “largesse” granted by an all-powerful government; that is to say, enslavement.

Is this a conspiracy theory, or is it a picture that approaches focus as one discerns the connections among the several dramas at play in the country? But, you might well ask, who could pull off such a scheme? We wish we knew. The scope of investigation necessary to yield an authoritative answer is beyond our scant means. We would suggest, however, that there’s more than one “who”. A global scheme of such import would require an alliance, whether of persons, corporations, countries, or a combination thereof. Certain names come to mind, but not with the clarity required for publication. Perhaps there are those whose resources would enable them to achieve that degree of clarity. Unfortunately, they are members of the privileged elite who will be just fine in the new world that’s coming. They have nothing to lose (they believe) and, therefore, no incentive to seek truth or resist.

Enjoy what’s left for now of what our forefathers gave us before it’s entirely gone. Short of a miracle or something unpleasantly drastic, the not-too-distant future for most of us stands to be… disappointing.


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