Welcome to Gaskan. GasKan is an independent developer of new oil reserves mapped out through a combination of predictive 3-D seismic technology, infrared satellite mapping, and old fashioned geologic exploration. Our techniques have been developed over the course of three decades, during which time we tried just about every type of exploratory techniques. During that time, we learned a lot about what works where, what doesn’t work where, when data is reliable, when it is not, etc. Over the course of time, our ratio of successes to failures has steadily grown along with our experience and expertise. Today, we are proud to exhibit one of the best records of any independent oil producer in the world. Later, in a subsequent post, we’ll inform of just exactly what that record is.

Most of all, though, we’d just like to say THANK YOU for being here. We know your time is valuable. So is ours, actually. We’ll do our best not to waste any more of yours than of ours.