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drilling an oil well

Here's a picture of some fellows drilling an oil well . It ain't easy. It requires the utmost attention, diligence and effort. One little misstep, one little diversion, one little slip, and you've lost, at a minimum, one little finger. More often, it's a thumb, but arms have been lost, as well.


Oil from all of the oil wells on a lease is generally piped to a tank battery where, among other things, the oil is stored until trucks from the oil purchasing company come to get it.Here's a picture of a tank battery at an oil lease.

Large Rocks

Here's a picture of a bunch of rocks recently discovered on one of our oil & gas leases. We really wanted to drill a well at that very spot, but they were too heavy to move out of the way so we had to find another place to drill.

What You Should Know About Oil

by Lucia de Francisco

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A Verse to Oil

Author Unknown

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An Oil Articcle

Author Unknown

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April 22, 1968


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